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On-Pack Promo: 5 Ways to Make Logo Drinkware Irresistible to customer


On-Pack Promo: 5 Ways to Make Logo Drinkware Irresistible to Customers


Sighted at a supermarket in Ho Chi Minh, we could not pass up the chance to get this free logo drinkware with Tang. Offered as a bonded premium, it stood out from rows of juice drinks.



Logo Drinkware

Logo Drinkware


This is the magic of on-pack gifts: they always manage to seduce you to get that product because “you will gain more.” You get a free item at no additional cost and sometimes, for a discounted price!


Launched in 1957 by Mondelez International, Tang is a popular juice drink in more than 30 countries around the globe. Aside from the classic Orange drink, they also released various fruit-flavored juice drinks that everyone loves. Even their on-pack promotions are loved and enjoyed by many.


The simplicity, practicality, and relevance of their gift are what made this on-pack promotion a hit! So, would you like to know the secret why this marketing idea works?




What Makes Tang Logo Drinkware Works?

Simple- that is how we describe this promotion. Tang’s no-fuss marketing captured us right away. There are no complicated mechanics to obtain the gift, customers only need to buy a pack of Tang juice drink.


Logo Drinkware

Logo Drinkware


The brand is popular yet very affordable. So, a freebie attached to it gives customers the best value for their money.


As you can see, the on-pack offer is made from thick glass, with the brand name printed on the surface. It was attached to the juice pack with a packaging tape, which is why we were very careful with handling it because with one wrong move, it might drop and break.


Logo Drinkware

Logo Drinkware


Possible improvement? If you are thinking of offering a bonded gift and it is made from a breakable material, we suggest at least put it in a box to protect it from breakage.




How to Make Your Logo Drinkware Suitable for On-Pack Promos

1. Consider the Material

This is a very critical consideration. Plastic is way cheaper than glass, however, it might not be the most eco-friendly option out there. The advantages? They do not easily break, are reusable, and long-lasting. The only problem is when it is not usable anymore, it will surely end up in the trash bin and into our landfills.


Glass is, by far, the best material for promotional drinking glasses. However, the only issue with this material is that it is breakable. As such, there is a high chance of breaking when not handled properly.




2. Packaging Tape or Gift Box?

Often, we see on-pack gifts bound to the product packaging with packing tape. Inexpensive and effective, this is a common practice in retail. Taped products create the illusion of being “obtainable”. Shoppers can touch and examine the freebie directly, allowing them to make smart buying decisions.


Gift boxes are also a great way to present your on-pack marketing gifts. They also add a layer of protection for glassware and other breakable items. More importantly, they make “simple” on-pack gifts look presentable and gift-ready!


Whichever tactic you choose, be sure that it will not affect the integrity of your logo drinkware.




3. Be Interactive

If you want to make your on-pack marketing more exciting, you might want to consider adding an interactive element to your campaign.


For instance, using a QR code that leads to your official social media page or a landing page where the promotion is. Easy to follow mechanics such as tagging friends and using unique hashtags are surefire ways to bring traffic to your website or social media and make the on-pack promotion different from the usual.


Our tip: just make sure that the mechanics are simple, clear, and easy to follow to sustain the customer’s interest.




4. Make It Eye-Catching and Interesting

We cannot stress enough the importance of visual appeal in your promotion. Most of the time, the on-pack gifts are found inside the box packaging of the main selling item. While the gift alone can attract people, its effectiveness doubles with beautiful packaging.




5. Use On-Shelf Displays

Shelf wobblers, talkers, banners, and frames, are a great way to announce your ongoing campaign. You do not want your customers to miss your promotions, right? This is especially useful if your products are located in areas with less foot traffic.


By installing shelf advertising displays, in different parts of the store, you are building awareness and excitement. Custom shelf talkers and wobblers also make it easier for customers to navigate the store and find your products. Last but not the least, you can also use the shelf talkers to incorporate your call-to-action or other marketing messages and mechanics that you are not able to include in the package.






All in all, presentation is key to make your logo drinkware irresistible to customers. Design, packaging, and execution of your in-store promotion should be well-thought-out so that people will really pay attention to your promotion and not just skim the shelf.




Where Does eecc eternal china gift factory  Come In?

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