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Promotional Gift Idea: Get Your Customers Feeling Comfy With


Promotional Gift Idea: Get Your Customers Feeling Comfy With a Branded Humidifier


Custom branded promotional gifts are a good marketing incentive for clients and customers. A long-standing marketing strategy to create relationships with your customers, many companies use this method to improve their business. However, are you at a loss of what promotional gift to make? If your business targets customers living in a dry climate, pay attention here! Today, we offer to you 3 unique humidifiers, and share why a branded humidifier will make an awesome promotional gift.



1. Suspended Portable Double Ring USB Humidifier

branded humidifier 1

This minimalistic branded humidifier is a wonderful product for a home. The aesthetic rose-gold suspended ring resembles an art display. Even if the humidifier is not in use, it will look lovely on a small coffee table or shelf. Fitting for the rose-gold trend that blew up a couple years back, this colour is still very much well-loved. Your customers will definitely love this humidifer!


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2. USB Rechargeable Mini Humidifier and Fan


What we love about this branded humidifier, is how it is perfect for any season! Not only is it a humidifier, it comes with a fan as well. It would be such a waste to keep this product only at home! Portable and rechargeable, this humidifier can be brought out with you on those hot summer days for picnics. It can definitely fit into any car for those long road trips too. Furthermore, it also comes with a night light. It is a product that your customers will certainly fall in love with.


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3. Personal LED Colour Humidifier

branded humidifier 3

This sleek, simple humidifier can fit into any home seamlessly. Small and compact, it does not take up much space at all. Moreover, the center of the humidifier clearly shows the water level, easily letting one know when it’s time for a refill. A special feature of this humidifier is that the mood lights will automatically change colour when in use!


The product code is eecc eternal china gift factory .


Why Is A Branded Humidifier A Great Promotional Product

We may have these interesting humidifiers, but are you wondering: How will it help my brand?


Well, there are many perks to giving away humidifiers.


Health Benefits

People living in seasonal climates may notice their skin, lips, and hair turning dry during summers and winters. In winter, many types of heating units will also pump hot, dry air, through one’s house or office. Thus, skin could itch and flake as well. A humidifier works by adding moisture to the indoor air. This easily combats and reduces the occurrence of dry, cracked skin. Who doesn’t want healthy hair and skin all year round?


Easy To Use

Humidifiers are very easy to use! All you need is to pour in distilled or purified water, turn on the switch, and it will start. All 3 humidifiers shared with you in this blog only requires a single touch of the button to turn on or off, and to change modes.



Humidifiers can also act as an air freshener with a few drops of essential oil. Everyone wishes to have a nice-smelling home! Most importantly, it can calm and refresh the mind during this worrying pandemic, where many of us have to stay at home for long periods of time.



Most humidifiers come with ample space for logo printing. The ones eecc eternal china gift factory  offers are no different. A branded humidifier is a great way of promoting your company in your client’s or customer’s home. Visiting family and friends may notice and become curious about your brand, and would want to find out more. Isn’t it a great way to draw in prospective clients? Used as a promotional giveaway, it will show your customers how much you value them, and is a sure-fire way of building brand loyalty!


In Conclusion

All in all, humidifiers are a wonderful product to thank and entice your customers to your brand. They make great custom promotional gifts for any kind of marketing campaign and industry. Having this in your promotional will ensure brand loyalty and boost your brand image and exposure.


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