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Promotional colouring cup


Promotional colouring cup by Cola Cao in Spain

For this specific promotion, Cola Cao has included a promotional colouring cup and 3 colour pens as a gift with purchase set.


Cola Cao is a high-energy chocolate drink with vitamins and minerals that originated in Spain but is now marketed in several countries. It is produced by the Barcelona-based company Nutrexpa.


This is a good example of what is currently happening in the dairy industry. Brands using loads of promotional cups for customer attraction and retention purposes. How can you differentiate from competition?



You can see here how Cola Cao´s promotion works.


Promotional colouring cup by Cola Cao

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As we can see from the image above, this set comes with a promotional colouring cup and 3 pens. The mugs just come plain and kids can use the pens included to customize the colouring designs as they wish.


Kids will be able to wipe out designs every time and thus give the promotional colouring mug an amusing use as they can change their drawings every time.


Kids normally get influenced really quickly when it comes with promotions. It is really important to differentiate ourselves from the competition in a really competitive market such as the dairy drink industry, where people can shop around easily.


We have seen tons of promotional mugs as a gift with purchase and you need to differentiate to stay competitive and gain on exclusivity!


You can always add value to your promotional colouring cup by choosing different types of packaging

Playing with the packaging always indicates the value perceived of the product offered. Below we can see an image of the possible packaging designs we could use for this promotional coloring cup.




Promotional colouring cup packaging options

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