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There are many pros and cons to sourcing suppliers in China as compared to buying products locally. A common enquiry from customers is “how long will the product turnaround time be?” and this is completely understandable. Organisations follow strict schedules and deadlines to operate projects around the clock. As such the time taken for the process of production, merchandise packaging and printing need to be considered when planning a marketing campaign.


To help you plan out your calendar, here is our guide to the average product turnaround time for a custom promotional merchandise order.


Sourcing Suppliers in China

Sourcing Suppliers in China


Firms love to use promotional gifts to display their brands, as not only does it build brand awareness, but also helps spread their marketing message and brand value. Whether it be branded promotional pens or a promotional pen holder at a reception counter or an employee welcome gift set at an employee conference, there is a demand for such gifts by consumers too! As such, it is important to put enough work into the creation of these promo gifts.


Sourcing Suppliers in China

Sourcing Suppliers in China


There are two options when deciding on where to have your promo products made, locally or internationally. The two options differ in nature and will affect product turnaround time and cost. Here are the pros and cons of sourcing overseas vs locally.


Local Procurement

Ordering products locally generally takes only 2 weeks for your products to be delivered. From the time your merchandise design is approved until delivery to your doorstep. However, despite this estimation, depending on the nature of the product chosen, production and delivery time can be quicken or slowed. However, it is important to ensure that an accurate timeline is provided to you by your supplier before placing an order.


Although the cost per unit is higher, sourcing locally will have a faster product turnaround time. Meaning, you can manage tighter or urgent deadlines.


Sourcing Suppliers in China

A cheaper alternative to the cost of promo products would be via sourcing suppliers in China. However, this means you would have to sacrifice more time and orders would have to be significantly large.


Depending on product type, size, and weight, delivery time can vary largely. But on average, If your enquiry is delivered via sea freight, product turnaround time would range between 10 to 12 weeks. If your order is transported via air, product turnaround time would be quicker, taking around 6 to 8 weeks. However, with all included buffer dates and safety margins, eecc eternal china gift factory   estimates a maximum of 14 weeks.


With large bulk orders to fulfill, overseas suppliers tend to send samples before starting their mass productions. This is to avoid miscommunications or production mistakes. Buying overseas would also mean that your products need to get through customs, which might form delays. When planning to buy overseas it is important to remember that these extra activities might cause production delays.


The numbers given are only estimates and if you would like a more tailored, comprehensive answer of how product turnaround time will be for your order, do drop us an inquiry!


Although, even though delivery time ranges can vary to match your timelines, we still recommend you still place your order sooner than later, as popular products tend to run out, especially during peak festive seasons like Christmas. Thus, remember to order fast when planning your festival promotion!




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