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Custom Water Globes are amazing promotional gift ideas to make your brand stand out if it is done right. They are indeed very mesmerising to look at – shaking the sphere and watching tiny particles of glitter or white ‘snow’ falling slowly in a clear liquid.


As Christmas is coming soon, snow globes are the perfect gift to offer during this festive period. But these days, contrary to this popular belief, they could also be offered in your promotions at any time of the year. Snow Globes are highly customisable. You can have a unique figurine design to represent your brand.


Snow globes can also come in oblong spheres such as below. If you are a drinks company, you can also have your bottle design as the figurine.


Custom Water Globes

Custom Water Globes




How can the Water Globes be Customised?

The figurine of the custom water globe is made of polyresin hence, our supplier is able to create custom shapes out of it. Furthermore, you can have your brand logo printed on the base of the snow globe through decal, embossing or silk-screen printing.


Not only that, but you can also add a little pizzazz by adding lights and music. They indeed will make great custom Christmas gift ideas!


Custom Water Globes

Custom Water Globes


Why should you offer Custom Water Globes for your Liquor Promotion?

Everybody Loves Snow Globes!

Snow globes have a mass appeal to every age group. We love keeping them as a home or office decor. Additionally, we all find joy shaking the globe and then seeing the snow slowly falling down. When your customers receive this as a gift from your brand, they will definitely be very grateful and will keep them well.


Brand Recall

Having a custom snow globe design will make your product very special and one of a kind. Whenever your customers take a look at this custom water globe, they will immediately recall your brand and its wonderful brand promotions. They are more likely to continue to support your brand and buy your liquor products.


High-End Gifts

Snow globes are actually cost-effective to manufacture but can be given as very premium giveaways. They can also come in custom-designed packaging. Offering them in your promotions, such as a gift-with-purchase or redemption gift, will surely entice customers to purchase your products. They will view this promotion as a value for money as not only will they enjoy your liquor but they will receive a free gift incentive as an additional benefit! Overall, offering them as high-end gifts can help boost the perceived value of your brand.


Custom Water Globes

Custom Water Globes



As aforementioned, they can be a gift-with-purchase for every X bottle purchased or an in-store redemption gift for a loyalty program. However, custom water globes can also be offered in various kinds of promotions for your liquor brand. For example, a promotional gift for bar promotions, festive gift or Christmas gift, a branded “We Miss You” gift to welcome your customers after the lockdowns, employee appreciation gift, or sports merchandise.


Brand Positioning

Snow globes are ideal for decorating your home office or living room. It enlivens the place almost instantly! By displaying them, customers indirectly advertise the company to their visitors. Looking at the display would no doubt help improve top-of-mind brand awareness.




Our Takeaways

Custom Water Globes are indeed amazing promotional gifts to offer to boost your liquor marketing! Not only does it help to attract customers but it will leave a long-lasting impression of your brand. They appeal to almost everyone and they are perfect gifts for any kind of promotion and actually, also suitable for any industry.






Would these promotional snow globes help your company boost your liquor promotional campaign? If so, do not hesitate to contact eecc eternal china gift factory    . With years of experience in the promotional product industry, you can entrust us with your promotional product needs. We assure you that you will not be disappointed with our services.If you are interested in designing and sourcing promotional snow globes, send us an email of inquiry and quote product code: eecc eternal china gift factory    -3086.


We also have a team of designers from Mindsparkz, that can help and ideate and create your own unique custom snow globe design.





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