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Branding Guide


Our China gift Factory provides  leading online range of promotional products suitable for branding with your logo or message. We have in house experts to help you in choosing the best type and colour of product to suit your logo colours and detail, so we always recommend you talk to one of us prior to choosing the colour of your promotional item and the size, decoration type and positioning of your logo on it.

There are traps that the uninitiated can easily fall into. One of the most common is to choose a poorly contrasting colour for the promotional product to take your logo. For example, a dark garment or product will often give poor contrast with a dark logo and similarly, a light coloured product can combine badly with a light logo. So make sure you choose carefully the colour of your logo and promotional item where there is a colour choice as well as the size and positioning of your branding on the promotional item. Once an item is selected, we always provide a positional drawing to assist in this regard before going into actual production.

Some branding methods include

Pad Printing

Suitable for small size fine detail print of up to 7 colours on hard metal or plastic products such as pens, key rings, desk clocks, calculators and golf balls to name a few.

For soft products such as stress balls only one colour may be pad printed because of the difficulty to register the printing on a squishy surface.



Laser Engraving

Here a laser is used to etch the logo detail on metal, wood and some plastic products. Care must be taken in that the end colour of the laser engraved logo will be the colour of the base material (for example, many metal pens are made of brass base metal so the end logo colour is yellow).

Laser Engraving on Keyring


Decal Printing

Used on coffee mugs, other ceramics and glassware. A spot colour or 4 colour process decal is pre-printed then fired onto the coffee mug or glass. This can result in some colour variation such that faithful colour reproduction is not always possible on some logos.

Screen Printing

Most commonly used for printing larger areas on T-Shirts, Towels and Bags. It can be used for spot colour and 4 colour process.

Plastisol Printing

Plastisol transfers are used when fine detail is required on clothing, caps or bags.


Sublimation Printing

Here a dye transfer system permanently embeds a 4 colour image into the texture of the promotional material. Primarily used for fine promotional clothing, mouse mats, caps, medals and coins.



Digital Transfers

This method can produce full colour high quality detailed images on garments. Digital Transfers are recommended for intricate designs which have lotsof gradients of colours.


Here the logo or message is woven onto the cap, clothing or bag. Embroidery costs increase with ‘stitch count’, proportional to size and number of positions to be branded.



Foil Stamping

Commonly used for gold, silver and colour stamping of leather and leather-look promotional items such as diaries, compendiums and wallets.

Debossing / Blind Stamping

Where an image is pushed into the surface of an item such as a bag or compendium and leaves a permanent impression in the surface of the item. Items made from genuine leather will blind stamp best and bonded leather items will also take a blind stamp.




Here a stamping tool is made to impress a relief image of the logo onto the surface. Also commonly used with leather or PU ‘leather look’ promotional items.


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