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People all around the world are celebrating National Napping Day. Promotional Eye Masks are excellent promotional gift offers.  Don’t worry if your industry falls outside of this category. You could find relevant observance days on the National Day Calendar. For example, other March observance days includes National Jewel Day, National Fragrance Day and National Day of Unplugging.


How could sleep-health companies take advantage of these observances? They could do so by offering sleep-related products such as custom sleep masks and promotional gel eye masks. Alternatively, you could also use customized heated eye masks to relax and refresh the eyes when napping!



Promotional Eye Masks


Promotional Eye Masks


Offering marketing gift with purchase products like the promotional eye masks would attract the public’s attention. However, it would not be enough to do just that as it does not successfully optimize the benefits of promoting on observance days. What else should you do then?


3 ways to improve your promotional products – I.M.P

Innovative:  The promotional products should be innovative and attractive enough to instantly capture and keeps people’s attention. There are two ways to do so. Firstly, you could add your logo into the design to make it a branded promotional product. Secondly, you could also add other features that would be beneficial to users such as built-in headphones.

Message: A witty message should accompany these promotional products for optimal effect. Doing so makes the products more memorable. The public would be able to associate these products and messages to your company with ease. A great way to do so is by using puns. Puns such as “Shhh, Don’t wake up the kidnapper.” Get it? Kid-napper?

Promote: After designing a customized product and creating a witty message, promote them on social media platforms like Facebook. This helps to boost your product’s exposure and brand recognition. Don’t forget to use trendy hashtags on relevant platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest! This will ensure that the public could easily find your promotional campaign.

Still not convinced?


Here’s 4 reasons you should use custom promotional product ideas during observances.



Enhances brand visibility: Your brand’s visibility could easily skyrocket with strategic planning and execution. As we often celebrate observances at a large-scale, it provides plenty of opportunities for brand exposure.

Distinction: You could offer custom promotional products or custom retail merchandise. This aids in establishing a clear distinction between you and your competitors. By providing unique products, the public would be more likely to patronise your company.

Awareness: Using widely promoted innovative products and witty messages ensures that the public could better remember and recognise your brand. You could also collaborate with other larger brands when providing custom products and merchandises. For example, Coca-Cola collaborated with the organization during the Olympics. By doing so, they leveraged on the Olympic’s brand recognition and customer base. Thus, boosting its sales.

Maximized Sales and Profits: By correctly executing these factors, it would lead to an increased customer base, revenue and profits.



In a nutshell,

Observance Days is the time to introduce your brand to the public. Companies could do so by offering customized products and collaborating with other brands. As mentioned earlier, they could customize a simple eye masks into a branded heated eye mask with special features added to it. This attracts the public’s attention and thus, increasing the company’s bottom line. If you need help manufacturing such heated eye masks, you could also drop us an e-mail with product code 2262.


So, if you’re ready to gain from these observance days, contact eecc eternal china gift factory now to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective corporate promotional products. For starters, we have a team of product designers with vast experience in designing brand packaging designs for your business. We can also assist you in your product brainstorming process. Need personalized and promotional marketing gift items for your marketing campaigns? Don’t worry, we offer those too.




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