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Custom bottle openers are a simple way to get your brand in the hands of your customers. However, exceptionally customized bottle openers are hard to come by. Here at eecc eternal china gift factory , we love adding a creative spin to everyday products to ensure they stand out on shelves.



How to Make A Custom Bottle Opener Your Own in 4 Easy Steps

How to Make A Custom Bottle Opener Your Own in 4 Easy Steps


Bottle openers are one of our favorite drinks promotional products because there are many ways to customize this item. Furthermore, they are an essential tool for bartenders, restaurants, and snack bars and they provide great opportunities for promoting your brand. When used daily, your company could gain unlimited brand exposure. To further create a lasting impact, it is essential to use high-quality designs for your branded bottle openers.


The above picture is a promotional bottle opener by Coca-Cola. We love the shock factor and the novelty of the design. If you like this idea, you might want to check out similar items in the blog below:






4 Reasons We Like this Custom Bottle Opener

Witty: What is the first thing that held your attention after looking at the branded bottle opener above? We are certain the top half of the opener stood out the most to you. This is because of the witty phrase “NUR FÜR ECHTE KERLE” which also means “ONLY FOR REAL GUY” that screams and demands all your attention.

Creative: The bottom half of the custom bottle opener is as interesting and engaging as the top half. This is because it uses creative elements to complement the two together. For example, the bottle opener’s design mimics the way someone opens the bottle with his teeth. This ties in with the witty message as few people would do so.

Message: Apart from the witty phrase, Coca-Cola tries to capture their audience with their brand message: “ECHT GESCHMACK UND ZERO KALORIEN” which translates to “REAL TASTE AND ZERO CALORIES.” They are very noticeable despite having smaller fonts.

Size: We also love how convenient it is to bring the custom bottle opener around. This credit card size custom bottle opener is slim enough to fit inside a wallet.

If you are feeling adventurous and you want to create eye-catching, bespoke designs. eecc eternal china gift factory  can help you customize your custom bottle openers even further with these tips.




4 Areas of Improvements

Quality: It is important that you always provide quality goods that have a long lifespan. It would be difficult to garner customers’ loyalty without it. This also helps to upscale your brand. Consumers will feel that they are purchasing products of quality which would increase the products’ perceived value. The quality of the materials will reflect on your brand’s identity.


How to Make A Custom Bottle Opener Your Own in 4 Easy Steps


This bottle opener is made out of metal and has holes so that customers can attach them to their key chains.


Packaging: After creating an exceptionally customized bottle opener, you should also have an equally exceptional packaging. It is not enough to have one without the other. You should always ensure you have a packaging design that matches the quality of your product even if you are working on a tight marketing budget. This is because, without it, your promotional products or marketing gifts will lose part of its appeal. You can do so by customizing your drinks packaging design or bottle packaging design.

Additional Features: One effective way to offer exceptionally customized bottle opener is by adding useful features to it. For example, you can offer your customers a custom bottle opener USB, ball shape bottle opener or even finger ring bottle opener. Doing so helps to distinguish your custom bottle openers from other existing ones.

Upscale Branding: A way to upscale branding on the bottle opener is by using a unique design, one that has not been used by the industry. For example, the shape of the custom bottle openers can follow the shape of its products just like how San Miguel customized their wooden bottle stand with bottle opener:





Here is another example of a truly exceptional and unique branded bottle openers. If you look at the pictures on the blog closely, you’ll find the maps takes after the shape of the countries popular for crafting beer.






In a Nutshell,

Custom bottle openers need not be boring. Adding witty and creative elements will surely give your brand a boost. Its compact size could also help to convince customers to carry the product with them. These factors help to enhance brand visibility. However, it is also important that you don’t forget the 4 critical elements mentioned above. We firmly believe you can distinguish your brand when implemented correctly.


Are you ready to create exceptional and premium marketing gifts or personalized and promotional marketing gift items for your marketing campaigns? Contact eecc eternal china gift factory now to learn more about how we can help your project.


For example, if you want to create a customized bottle opener, contact us and reference product code: eecc eternal china gift factory – 2421. We have a team of product designers with vast experience in the promotional product industry. They will assist you from product brainstorming and sourcing, to sampling and manufacturing.




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