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The NFL Superbowl is held every year at the start of February. Raking over 111 million television viewers, the Superbowl in the top 10 sporting events in the world. It is also the largest event in the USA. Brands should leverage on this event to not only to encourage brand activation but increase sales. Pepsi, one of the event’s main sponsor, held their Superbowl promotion through a custom sports cup GWP. Here’s why it was a success!



Custom Sports Cup


Superbowl Marketing Ideas – Pepsi’s Custom Sports Cup


Pepsi’s Custom Sport Cup

Relevant Theme

In normal circumstance, as much as a helmet-shaped cup would be interesting, it would be absolutely random. This custom sport cup allows customers to showcase their passion for the Superbowl but is also relevant to the event. This is important as customers might also make impulse purchases to buy Pepsi’s sports GWP. With the rise of social media, being relevant in big events is especially important for brands. Successful promotions can significantly increase brand awareness and sales, while bad promotions can even weaken a brand’s position in the industry.


Big brands such as Pepsi, and Amazon, dump large sums into advertising to buy access to being part of an experience. With such a large live audience, these brands are not only able to generate buzz during the event, but pre and post-event too! Gone are the days when increasing sales is the only motive for advertising. In this generation, it has shifted to generating buzz and brand awareness. This can be seen in Amazon’s Alexa Loses her Voice or Tide’s it’s a Tide Ad, both these advertisements are simple, easy to understand, and focus on creating buzz via humour. In the year 2018, Amazon’s Alexa Loses her Voice became the most viewed advert in youtube, raking in 115M views for the company!


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Most free cups come in the standard shape so as to reduce cost price. Pepsi’s custom sports cup is shaped like an American Football Helmet starkly contrasting the dull cups provided by other brands. Not only does this help Pepsi stand out from its competition, but also gives customers the perception that much thought was put into the designing process. The colours and designs are highly customised to match the football team’s colours and logo! This is a good promotional product idea for brands as a custom sports cup has many customisation options to help include different promotional messages.


 Gift with Purchase

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Gift with purchase provides customers with an incentive to buy. Customers also feel that they are getting something in return on top of the product/service they are buying. This increases the perceived value of the product/service, thus customers would pay more for the same product. Customers are all ready to buy your soft drinks to enjoy the game, why not further incentify that with a custom sports cup.


Custom Sports Cup

Superbowl Marketing Ideas – Pepsi’s Custom Sports Cup


Pepsi’s Involvement in the Superbowl

Pepsi’s more notable involvement would be being the main sponsor to the Superbowl Halftime show. Being one of the biggest live performances in the world, with well over 115million viewers, the show has featured some of the greatest performers. These icons have ranged from Michael Jackson and Beyonce to Bruno Mars and Coldplay. However, interestingly enough, these celebrities do earn a cent from this gig. This is not to say they do not earn anything from the exposure tho, after performing in the Superbowl, Mar’s music sales increased over 90% while the same can be said for Beyonce’s increment of over 50%. However, the backup dancers to the excessive extravagant pyros, the total costs of the shows have ranged between $500k to $9m.


Considering that a 30 second Superbowl advert cost well over $5m and the Superbowl Halftime show is 30mins. Pepsi is paying less than $1m for a similar advert slot!


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