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Looking for fresh marketing ideas to promote your brand? Then, a promotional foldable backpack may be what you need. Because these bags are flexible and practical, they can be used for just about any industry.



Promotional Foldable Backpack


Promotional Foldable Backpack




This promotional foldable backpack is different from other styles because:


This can be folded when not in need.

And because it transforms into a handbag when folded, it makes storage a breeze. Customers can keep it in their luggage so they have spare bag to use when emergency arises.

The materials are sturdy so you can expect them to last. Moreover, it looks stylish so customers will be proud to carry this bag around.

Promotional Foldable Backpack

Promotional Foldable Backpack




*This video shows how to use this product:




As these bags are versatile, you can customize them to suit your promotions. Bags are marketing managers’ favorite marketing tools because they are versatile, useful, and great for getting your brand message out there. Custom promotional bags add value to your brand because these are something that people use everyday. As such, you should always consider how to make your promotional bag interesting to your customers.




So Why Should You Invest in a Promotional Foldable Backpack

Makes Bold Statement: Bags are effective in getting your brand message across. Aside from printing your logo or brand name on the front part, you may also print your company motto to reinforce your corporate promotions. Or, if you want to raise awareness on a certain cause, bags can be a great medium of communication. In essence, bags serve as your moving advertisement on the streets.

Promotional Foldable Backpack

Promotional Foldable Backpack


Interesting Designs: What we love about this promotional foldable backpack is that you can customize the colors to make it more interesting. As you can see from the photo, there are two mesh pockets so that recipients can easily access their water tumbler and umbrellas. To ensure your brand visibility, we suggest to get the front pocket branded. This is in order for your brand to be seen when the promotional backpack is compressed into a small pouch.

Extremely Useful: Customers can carry this foldable backpack inside their luggage or keep it inside another bag for emergency uses. In case they need a spare bag for other items such as groceries, books, etc. It is lightweight and compact due to its thin material.

Versatile: Bags are perfect for just about any industry. We have seen a lot of sports brands and beverage companies promote their brand with branded bags or backpack as their marketing gifts for customers.

How to Use this Promotional Foldable Bag for Marketing?

Marketers can use them as customer incentives for sports promotions together with other sports apparel. Through sponsorship, beverage companies can promote their brand whilst also supporting their favorite team.


They also make great gift with purchase with alcoholic drinks such as beer, whiskey, and wine. Here’s a perfect example. J.P. Chenet offered a rose-shaped foldable bag to their customers for every bottle of wine purchased. although these are not backpacks, we can’t deny the fact that bags are powerful promotional media.






Simple yet functional and practical, foldable bags make great customer gift or redemption items. With company logos or brands printed on the fabric, these bags are effective in increasing sales and boosting visibility in-store.






For these reasons, we believe that a promotional foldable backpack can help you achieve your marketing goals in no time. Furthermore, with something that customers can use every day, you gain better exposure for your brand.


So, are you interested in spreading your brand message with a promotional foldable backpack? Contact the eecc eternal china gift factory  Group today to learn how our team of merchandisers and product designers can help. We have vast experience in creating effective and useful promotional products and marketing gifts for our customers. Send us an email to get a quick quote for this bag. The product code for this item is 2598.




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