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Promotional shopping bags are among the best marketing tools to promote a business. Practicality and flexibility are just some of the reasons you should consider using shopper bags to advertise your brand. Fortunately here at eecc eternal china gift factory , we love adding unique twists to ordinary products to make them suitable for different brand campaigns.  Take a look at these shopping bags with silicone pouches.



Promotional Shopping Bags


Promotional Shopping Bags


They come with a silicone pouch that customers can use to keep the bags in. Available in different colors and styles, business owners can customize them to match their brand designs. Keen to design and manufacture your own folding shopping bags? Before you jump in the bandwagon, read on its features and benefits.




Features of Promotional Shopping Bag with Silicone Pouches

Made out of Nylon: Sturdy and machine washable, nylon fabric is the best choice of material for shopping bags. They are waterproof, meaning, groceries are kept dry and in good condition. This also means that the bags are reusable and eco-friendly.

Promotional Shopping Bags

Promotional Shopping Bags


Silicone Pouch: This allows customers to fold their shopping bags neatly. Each pouch has a lanyard so that users can carry them with ease.

Brandable: The bags as well as the silicone pouch can be branded with your logo for brand exposure.



Why Invest in this Promotional Product?

We have seen a lot of brand promotions that involve the use of promotional shopping bags but none so unique as this one. The addition of silicone pouch makes it a fantastic marketing gift or custom giveaway. But what makes these products ideal for brand campaigns?


Eco-Friendly: Nylon is a durable material so the bags can be used over and over again. Being reusable means this allows brands to reduce the need to use single-use plastic bags inside shopping stores. Thus improving your brand performance whilst helping the environment. With this, you position your company as a brand that cares for the environment and this helps inspire trust.



Branding Opportunities: You an print your name on the bag or on the silicone pouch to make your brand visible even on the streets. Offer customers attractive reusable bag designs to keep them interested in your brand. Customizing them adds a personal touch that customers will surely love.

Promotional Shopping Bags

Promotional Shopping Bags


Convenient to Use: The pouch is attached to the bag with a lanyard so that it is always attached to the bag. To fold the bag, turn the little knob found in the front part of the pouch. Customers can attach the lanyard to their bags.



Brand Awareness: Bags are great for creating brand awareness beyond shop floors. As customer use them to carry their groceries, they are exposing the brand to so many people outside of the store. With your marketing mojo printed on the bags, you’re able to augment your marketing message.



Promotional Shopping Bags

Promotional Shopping Bags




Cost-Effective: The benefits of branded shopping bags far outweigh the manufacturing cost. Whether you use them as customer giveaways or gift with purchase, the value of this product increases the more they are used by consumers. As this is made out f nylon, you can be sure that they will last for years to come.



Relevant: Because more and more companies are banning the use of single-use plastic, the demand for such item will only increase. As such, you can be sure that customers will have a use for your branded tote bags. Choose designs that will resonate with your campaign or target market. For instance, health sectors can print witty sayings to encourage healthy lifestyle. Nonprofit organizations that seek to educate people of the ill effects of illegal drugs can use the bags as a medium to raise awareness.



In conclusion…

If you want to raise awareness about your brand or a certain cause, promotional shopping bags are the best medium to use. Portable, useful, and visually appealing, these bags can help in customer retention. Customers will appreciate it if you offer free custom branded merchandise especially if it is free. They can use it to haul grocery items and carry food and other personal essentials. In essence, you are taking your brand on the streets with promotional shopping bags.


So if you need help designing and manufacturing your own promotional shopping bags, contact the eecc eternal china gift factory  Group. Reference product code 2493 to get a quick quote.

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