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Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog is offering a promotional food container as a gift with purchase. Because they aim to become kids’ favourite hotdog, they need to put on extra effort to catch the attention of consumers. And one of the best ways to get customer attention is to launch compelling marketing campaigns and giveaway products that they can use.



Promotional Food Container: Boost Your Sales With This Promo Gift

Promotional Food Container: Boost Your Sales With This Promo Gift


The promotion can be found in various supermarkets in the Philippines. Also, the promotion is pretty straight forward; simply purchase their on pack offer to get the branded food container.


Definitely, this strategy by Tender Juicy easily attracts consumers because of the fact that they are giving away something useful and relevant. Moreover, because they mostly market to kids, the additional item will appeal to school kids and parents. What is great about this strategy is that it also encourages families to eat wholesome homemade food, instead of junk foods. Thus, the on pack product increases the value of the main selling item,  positioning the brand in a more positive light.




Features of Tender Juicy Promotional Food Container

Tender Juicy’s food container comes in an airtight lid which preserves the freshness of the contents. Also, this type of container is dishwasher and microwave oven safe. Therefore, it’s perfect for everyday use.


How This Promo Gift Could Potentially Boost Your Sales?

Brand Exposure – First of all, if you may have noticed, Tender Juicy emboss their logo on the lid of the container. And, a branded giveaway is more effective than giveaway items that do not have a logo or brand. So, every time the kids take this promotional food container to school, they easily expose the brands to other kids. In fact, this could even give other kids an idea of their next hotdog to try. If you would like to see know what’s embossing, feel free to check the link below.



Strengthens The Customer – Brand Relationship –  When customers receive something from the purchase, it leaves a good impression on the brand. In this case, Tender Juicy offers a relevant and useful marketing gift to their customers. Customers would think that they get more out of their regular purchase. Therefore, they’ll start supporting the brand which may potentially increase the sales.

Conversation – Starter Item – Since mums love to share their “bargains” from the supermarkets and life in general, this food container could easily become a conversation starter. Mums would share this brilliant promotion to their fellow mums. Eventually, this “talk: would spread like wildfire making everyone curious about your brand and promotions. Just ensure that you create more promos in the future to keep customers coming.

Overall, giving something to customers is always a good idea. It has been proven to be effective when it comes to promoting and marketing your products. So, if you would like to create your own promotional food container, please feel free to contact the eecc eternal china gift factory  team anytime. We will help you plan your next promotional items.

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