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Many companies promote their brands through promotional branded products as they are cost-effective and allow for instant brand recognition. Products with popular characters as the main design create long-lasting brand impact because they can easily create an emotional connection with customers.



The use of popular characters for your retail and promotional merchandise is called brand licensing. In this marketing strategy, the owner gives another company (licensee) the right to use their their trademarked characters, brand name, or designs. This way, the retailer and the company owner both gain greater brand exposure and higher sales. One great example is Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea which recently collaborated with Doraemon for their marketing campaign.


Promotional Branded Products


Promotional Branded Products




Customers can purchase any of their novelty items with Doraemon designs upon purchase of 2 Large-size drinks.  The branded purchase with purchase items range include a custom drink tumbler, a branded cooler bag, lunch box, custom branded umbrella, Doraemon straw toppers, and coin purses.


Promotional Branded Products

Promotional Branded Products


Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea did a great job promoting their drinks with their purcahse with purchase promotions. It allowed them to boost their brand exposure, sales, and customer engagement. With Doraemon products on offer, they succeeded in attracting a wide range of customers- from young kids, teenagers, and young at heart yuppies. Who would not want a limited-edition Doraemon item? With these novelty items on offer, customers will feel as if they have scored a great deal.




So why do we love these promotional branded products?

Branded Cooler Bags: Practical and customizable, cooler bags allow customers to be creative in their design approach. In this example, Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea’s cooler bag is in the shape of a tumbler, so perfect for keeping drinks cool for longer. What made this product ideal for marketing drinks is the fact that it correlates with the main selling product, which is fruit tea. If you want to see more cooler bag design ideas, do check out our case studies. We have previous experience in creating superb designs for cooler bags like this one below:





Custom Branded Tumbler: What we love about this Doraemon custom printed tumbler is that it is reusable. With more people becoming aware of the negative impact of plastic in the environment, the demand for such reusable items has increased. Customers can use this tumbler for refills of their drinks. And because it is portable, they can take this item wherever they go. Thus, increasing brand exposure whilst helping reduce the use of plastic cups. Check out this amazing drinking cups with food tray. This is perfect for sporting and outdoor events:





Toppers: Customers will definitely enjoy drinking their favorite fruit tea with colorful straw toppers. The unique design will attract customers to buy their fruit teas. Moreover, it comes with a box that they can use to keep their toppers in. Promotional drinks accessories are a great way to add fun and novelty to your drinks promotions. You can get creative with the designs and use different materials such as silicone, metal, and wood.



More Promotional Branded Products…

Custom Branded Umbrella: Umbrellas are ideal for outdoor advertising. They serve as mobile advertisements as customers use them on the streets.



Branded Lunch Box with Bento Wrapper: Durable and practical, we certainly love this Doraemon lunch box. The adorable character is embossed on the lid so the designs will not wash off easily. Are you looking to create your own promotional lunch box. Fret not, The eecc eternal china gift factory  Group has vast experience in creating stunning promotional pieces for your business. The below product is a good example of product innovation. This custom lunchbox is designed with convenience in mind.





Coin Purse: Cute banded coin purse in the shape of Doraemon’s pocket. This comes in two designs- yellow and red- and it is made of plastic so it is fairly sturdy and waterproof. Coin purses are perfect for marketing because the possibility for customization is endless. Moreover, there is always a demand for such item, so you can be sure that customers will have a use for them. Here are some examples of cute purses that you might want to check out:





In Conclusion…

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea and Doraemon’s marketing strategy is a huge success. Both brands benefited form the collaboration. Fans of the cuddly anime character will be encouraged to buy Yi Fang drinks in order to get their hands on these limited-edition novelty items. Thus, the companies have gained tremendous advertising benefits without additional costs.


Promotional Branded Products

Promotional Branded Products




We also love the use of branded banners as their POS display as this is a cost-effective way of promoting their products. Placing them outside their stall also allows customers to see what they offer.


There was also an advertising easel display for their promotional poster and LED display to augment their marketing strategy. These visual aids were effective in imparting information to their target market.




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