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Drinks Promotion: Free Travel Bag by Whiskey Brands


Drinks Promotion: Free Travel Bag by Whiskey Brands


Nice drinks promotion was spotted by the eecc eternal china gift factory  team at the airport of Singapore – Jim Beam and Marker’s Mark are giving away a free bag to their customers. With a purchase of minimum of 99$ Singapore dollars of whiskey, every customer will receive a branded bag for no extra cost.



The two famous brands have co-operated for a practical promotional campaign, offering their buyers a high-end travel product with a very catchy label hanging from the side. That is what we call the right product at the right place.


Drinks Promotion: Free Travel Bag by Whiskey Brands

Drinks Promotion: Free Travel Bag by Whiskey Brands


Just imagine how many times you had problems with your luggage while traveling. It is the ideal product to be sold with, as the travellers can use it to put their hand carry items and the products bought in the shops. There would be no need to bring useless bags and being afraid to lose them. After the flight it could normally be used as a hand bag for short term trips, daily activities and so on.


Plus, consider the fact that this a quality and well-designed promotional bag. It has been used resistant materials with leather handles and strengthen at the bottom corners and a very smart shoulder strap, which let absolute free-movement to your hands. Thanks to its modern and clean style it is also aesthetical appealing for a larger customer range.


Why should it be a good promotional product for you as a company?

Incentive for purchase: people are instinctively attracted to what they need and what is useful or may be in the near future. An article with a bag in an airport is appealing to who may need a gift and bag to carry it or it can also create a new need if located in the right place with the right complementary products.

Greater revenues: if you set a minimum purchase amount for something people want, the customers are willing to spend more to get it. On the other hand your revenues increase.

Efficient advertisement: With its versatility, people will use it for the gym, other travels or even daily. This means high visibility thanks to the logo printed in the middle. If your brand is well-know it consequently lead to greater sells due to impulsive purchase.

If you like the idea, we would be glad to provide you with a made-to-measure bag that would suit your company and the latest trends. Please feel free to contact eecc eternal china gift factory  Group, we can offer you  a huge sourcing, designing and manufacturing experience to satisfy your requests and find the best promotional solution.


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