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Wine Marketing -Bottle Shaped Custom Umbrella


Wine Marketing -Bottle Shaped Custom Umbrella


Wine has been around for so long that it might be difficult to come up with new products for Wine Marketing. These umbrellas beat the odds and are fun and innovative. Shaped like wine bottles, these umbrellas are a unique item and offer a new perspective to your Wine Marketing campaign. Who doesn’t like gift umbrellas?



Wine Marketing - Bottle Shaped Custom Umbrella Mind Sparkz


The umbrella is a normal, foldable umbrella. The handle is shaped like the top of a wine bottle, and there is a plastic cover in several fun different colours that can be slid over the folded umbrella. Your brand name and logo can be printed on to the cover. Another advantage of the plastic cover is that it prevents any water from leaking into your bag and onto your fragile possessions such as laptop, phone or books.


Wine Marketing - Bottle Shaped Custom Umbrella5


Because the promotional umbrellas come in several different colours and designs, customers can choose their favourite one, improving the interest in the items of the Wine Marketing. Whenever it rains and customers reach for their new wine bottle umbrella, they will be promoting your brand, because the brand name is printed onto the umbrella. This would definitely be a good idea for parts of the world where it rains quite often.


Wine Marketing - Bottle Shaped Custom Umbrella4


Why do we like this Bottle Shaped Custom Umbrella for Wine Marketing?

Better Brand Retention

There is no avoiding it, it will rain. Umbrellas are a very useful product, and because the shape of this product is so very unique, whenever customers use it, they will remember the wine brand they got it from.


Boosts Sales

Because the product comes in several different colours, it might be interesting for customers to collect the other five colours after getting the first one. When they do this, more bottles of wine will be sold, ofcourse. Using such innovative products is a great way to boost sales.


Attracts Customers

The wine aisle usually has so many options, and not everyone is a professional wine connaisseur. Promoting your wine brand with such an unusual and colourful item will definitely attract the attention of more customers.


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