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Chalkboard Cups for Customizable Branding


Chalkboard Cups for Customizable Branding


Chalkboard cups are the right promotional product to use in your marketing campaign, because they will gain a lot of attention through their unique design. The customizable branding and the fact that you can write again and again on these, if you want, will gain your sale. These promotional products are not used by many companies, which gives you the chance of a competitive advantage and to think about a promotional product like this.



Chalkboard Cups for Customizable Branding


Chalkboard Cups for Customizable Branding


This chalkboard cup is a great promotional gift for the Christmas and winter time. It’s black design is the reason, why the focus is lying on to the white chalkboard and chalk on it. This design is very practical as you can count down the days up to Christmas on your daily used cup and is a very nice idea to use instead of an advent calendar. If you would need another idea for Winter Promo Chalkboards then you might wanna think about Promotional Christmas Baubles which are a unique idea to promote your brand.


Chalkboard Cups for Customizable Branding

Chalkboard Cups for Customizable Branding


But not only for Christmas are chalkboard cups and mugs a good additional promotion product. They will gain attention in any season in the year and are customizable to any glass and brand you want. These kind of mugs and cups are giving you a lot of space to brand your logo or campaign motto on it. A Cup and Mug is used everyday for several times, which means that your brand awareness is always high and these customers will not forget your brand.


We have also blogged about Chalkboards before, which proofs that they can also be used in different shapes and on/as different products. As for example: Promotional Wall Stickers, which are customize-able in their shape to link them with any marketing campaign or with the season. Unique customizable chalkboard ink markers are also perfect as a giveaway, as you will not see them everyday.


Why do we recommend Chalkboard Cups?

Unique but effective. This unique customizable designs make these cups and mugs to a very unique eye-catcher. Which will not only boost your sale but also will extend your brand awareness.

Practicality. Chalk has the great advantage that it does not stay on stuff for a long time if you want to. So you can leave personal messages on these chalkboards or count, how many beers you already had, for example.

High quality. The high quality of this promotional product makes this promotion to a long term one. Your costumers will again have a big brand awareness, of your logo or your marketing campaign.

At eecc eternal china gift factory  we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively. Be sure to contact us with the product code: 1431 if you are interested in finding out more information about chalkboard cups.


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