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On Pack Promo – Custom Tomato Tupperware by Tommies


When looking for a healthy snack to bring to work or school, cherry tomatoes are a very good choice. Light and packed with nutrients, they make the perfect candidate to soothe that rumbling tummy. But, how can you pack them up without having them squashed in your bag? Tommies found a perfect way to grab some tomatoes on the go and keep them fresh with this Custom Tomato Tupperware On Pack Promo.


On Pack Promo - Custom Tomato Tupperware by Tommies

On Pack Promo – Custom Tomato Tupperware by Tommies


This little, plastic box fits seven cherry tomatoes. This is more convenient than normal tupperware boxes, that would still squash your tomatoes and might be too big for bags. This Custom tomato tupperware might make snacking on veggies more interesting and fun for children too. Why limit the use to tomatoes, though? You can also use this On Pack Promo item for other food like grapes or cherries. This custom box is a perfect snack size.


Why do we like this On Pack Promo?

Practicality: In your lunch box, the tomatoes might roll around, and in your bag they will get squashed. That won’t happen with this box. This On Pack Promo will keep the tomatoes fresh and clean.

Design Appeal: The boxes are designed to fit seven cherry tomatoes. A perfect snack size for children, for example. By using this box to fit their daily healthy snack, it might be more fun and interesting for them to eat their fruits and veggies!

Attracts Customers: Because this is such an unique item, it will attract a lot of attention from customers. Eating healthy is hot and happening these days, more people are aware of what they’re eating and are looking for alternatives. This On Pack Promo item promotes the use of healthy products as snacks. Selling the healthy food is one thing, but suggesting a smarter way to use it is a whole other story!

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