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Low Budget But High Quality Promotion – Printed Leather Cabl


Low Budget But High Quality Promotion – Printed Leather Cable


With the majority of the world’s population relying heavily on smartphones and other portable devices, it has now become a norm for us to bring a charging cable with us in our daily lives; ensuring that our devices are powered for the whole day. However, people find it difficult to depend on these peripherals as most of them tend to break easily. Thankfully, our printed leather cable is here to help!



Low Budget But High Quality Promotion - Printed Leather Cable


eecc eternal china gift factory



Why we love the printed leather charging cable?

Our printed leather charging cable is a low cost merchandise built with high quality PU (polyester) materials that can endure much more than plastic coated cables. Not only is it durable, but also a fashionable promotional giveaway as its surface allows your brand and statement to be printed in full color or etched through debossing that works to appeal your customer’s taste.


Low Budget But High Quality Promotion - Printed Leather Cable

eecc eternal china gift factory



Unique but effective. Being made differently among others, this leather charging cable is sure to stand out with its astonishing look and feel that is sure to make people envy.



Upholds brand reputation. As a promotional material, it needs to represent your brand positively. And with its sturdiness, people will surely appreciate your company’s focus on quality.



High Quality. Our printed leather charging cable is made and crafted with the finest choice of high quality polyester leather to ensure to last long.



Boost Sales. Thanks to a classic and nice design, this merchandise will definitely attract customers of different ages, demographic and profession; and having it as a gift for every purchase of your company product will help invigorate your store shelves which can give profitable results.



Additional Customers. Promotional materials need to last to make sure it reaches more audiences as time passes. Therefore, having a high quality printed leather charging cable is a better investment to introduce people to you brand.



Design Appeal. Our printed leather charging cable is designed perfectly to match your consumer’s lifestyle and is crafted with elegance.



Stimulate Sales. Leather has been a material of choice by most corporate professionals, people with great buying power. This means that including this to your product portfolio will surely help boost your sales figures.



Good Promotional Product. With most consumers having 1 or 2 smartphones, people will definitely make use of our printed leather charging cable. The more our item gets exposed with your logo on it, the more audiences it gets to reach, making it an ideal promotional product for your company.



Why collaborate with eecc eternal china gift factory ?

We are a company focused on developing ideas to create excellent products used not your promotional and advertising needs. Contact us to know how you can get your printed leather charging cable.


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