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Custom Shape Silicone Cable for Creative Promotion


Custom Shape Silicone Cable for Creative Promotion


The life of a modern man or woman becomes difficult without handheld gadgets. Sending emails, preparing documents or listening to music — they are doable with just a smartphone. But running these all at once will quickly drain battery life and therefore it becomes essential for mobile users to carry around a charging cable. Take a look at this appealing custom shape silicone cable.





Why Custom Shape Silicone Cable is a Great Moneymaker

Custom Shape Silicone Cable



A benefit of silicon material is that you can customise it into any shape to fit any brand. So perhaps if you are running a beer promo, a great way to make the cable stand out is to customise it into the shape of a beer bottle.


The following sketch is an example of a design that will entice your client.


Beer and Wine Custom Shaped Charging Cable

Beer and Wine Custom Shape Silicone Cable


Another feature your customers may appreciate is a key ring. House or car keys can be attached to the cable, so it becomes a multi-purpose product and ensures that they have the cable in-hand whenever necessary.


Unless you are marketing for a particular digital brand, there is no way to guarantee what operating system the consumers use. It can be Android or iOS, so you should offer a fitting gift with purchase that can serve both. This is why you need this unique cord now as well.


The custom shape silicone cable includes two different micro USB jacks, allowing you to charge two devices at once. The left side is compatible with iPhone 5, iPad 4 Mini and Air. On the right side, you can find the generic pinout that suits most (if not all) Android phones.


Another benefit that followers may gain from the promo gift is its capability to sync a smartphone or tablet. As well as being used for charging, the gadget owner can also connect to any universal hub. This is important since it means people can plug it into their PC for effortless sharing of data. Bluetooth sharing or sending large files via email will become unnecessary should they receive this advertising merchandise.


Why Custom Shape Silicone Cable is a Great Moneymaker

Design examples for Custom Shape Silicone Cable


Custom Shape Silicone Cable Benefits

Flexible Branding. Your brand logo can be printed on the cable excluding the key-ring area.

Possible Profit Increase. With a novelty marketing gift, tech savvy millennials are going to be the most likely target audience. They also tend to share with their peers about any cool products available.

Multi-functional. Your customers can find various uses for it. Apart from being a data cable, they can also turn it into a key holder or a keychain for bags, wallets, etc.

Eye-catching Product. What’s interesting about this merchandise is you can customise the body that encases the cord and you may ask the manufacturer to mold it into a particular shape. The ease of molding silicone can simply convert into the form you want.

Cool Shades. The color you apply on the product matters, because it’s one of the factors that will attract consumers. Luckily, this silicone cable happens to possess this characteristic as the pastel hues are great attention-grabbers.

Providing a simple but essential every day item such as the custom shape silicone cable will help you to appeal to your target market . Even when you try using it yourself, you’ll realise how convenient it is to own one.


Take the custom shape silicone cable for a spin. Contact eecc eternal china gift factory  soon to find out how.


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