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Drinks Promotions – GWP Hand Luggage in Singapore’s Duty Fre


Drinks Promotions – GWP Hand Luggage in Singapore’s Duty Free


Travelers are always on the lookout for souvenirs on their way home. A brand of liquor has been recently spotted, presenting a GWP hand luggage for their promotion. This promotional product, which sits perfectly beside product shelves, fits excellently in marketing their product inside Singapore’s Duty Free store. It is an item that is sure to appeal to travelers, thus, making this an excellent choice for an airport promotion.



Drinks Promotions – GWP Trolley bag in Singapore’s Duty Free

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Why is offering GWP Hand Luggage great for you?

Choosing the right gift with purchase for your brand can be tricky, as it needs a bit of thinking to find the best item to suit your brand image. Therefore, here’s some reasons why opting in for hand luggage is a great decision for your campaign:


Practicality: First off, gifts with purchases need to be an item consumers can use. For sightseers and business men, having hand luggage is practical to carry around lighter items.

Stimulate sales: Having a gift for purchasing a product entices customers to choose your brand over others. With a GWP Hand Luggage, consumers can buy your beverage in large quantities, without the worry of having no extra space in their bags.

Attract customers: With dozens of similar products on store shelves, it can be a challenge to distinguish your product from the rest. Offering an item not found among neighboring brands makes yours a worthy option from the others.

Design: Hand Luggage can also be used as a promotional product by decorating it with prints and brand logo. Therefore, people are sure to take notice of it as it is used through the terminals and streets.

Brand exposure: There is nothing more appreciated than seeing tourists on their next destination, bringing the GWP Hand Luggage with them. This makes it a great chance for consumers around the world to find an unfamiliar brand that they can try.

In summary:

The GWP Hand Luggage is a perfect gift idea stay ahead of the competition. As companies continue to introduce new alcoholic beverages, consumers continue to try to find the best wine, whiskey, beer, and liquor. Now is truly the best time to let people have a try of your product. If you’re on the look to find the ideal gift with purchase for your business, then feel free to contact us as we can work with you in providing the best merchandise tailored to your needs.


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eecc eternal china gift factory

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