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Custom Fan: Best Promo Gift for Million-Dollar Consumers


Custom Fan: Best Promo Gift for Million-Dollar Consumers


When it gets really hot over the summer eecc eternal china gift factory  highly recommends giving clients a custom fan.  This one below is from Japan and features high value notes.  Customise this promotion to have any kind of message.   Sports Merchandise companies might like to do this with World Cup marketing showcasing tickets for example.  How about using a custom fan for tourist attractions or theme park giveaways.



Custom Fan

Custom Fan: Best Promo Gift for Million-Dollar Consumers



First, let’s appreciate this promotional product from a manufacturer’s standpoint. Each bill seems thick, so the chances of them crumpling are low. Meanwhile, the ribs, the sticks, and the head of the fan are black and only several inches long. Once you spread it, your fingers can cover that part, making it appear like you’re just holding cash.


The marketing gift cannot be expensive either. The bottom half of it is plastic, for one, and you can print the banknotes in paper. The glue, which helps the pieces stick together, can come in large, affordable buckets as well.


Custom Fan

Custom Fan: Best Promo Gift for Million-Dollar Consumers


From a customer’s point of view now, the portability of this merchandise is unmatched. Its size allows you to place it in your bag without eating much horizontal space. In case you don’t plan on carrying one, you can link the chain on a purse or a belt loop.


The Advantages of Marketing with a Custom Fan

Increases Sales. Many silently wish to cool themselves with cash. Some think that the smell of crisp bills will give them luck in their career. Yet, not all are brave enough to do it outside the house for safety reasons. Since the promotional gift uses pretend money, it becomes safe to take it in the bus or the subway.

Helps with brand exposure. You may bank on the fact that people are eternally curious. When a customer starts fanning himself or herself with it in the open, the movement will definitely attract attention. The onlookers will be able to catch a glimpse of the logo, and that’s when brand activation begins.

Suits different industries. Apart from casinos, banks and other players in the world of finance can use it. The base material is paper, after all. It accepts any kind of design you will place your bet on.

custom fan

Custom Fan: Best Promo Gift for Million-Dollar Consumers


Make no mistake, it is fun to cool off with a wad of banknotes. Though the ones attached to the custom fan aren’t real, the consumers will find it amazing. And you will too once your brand logo is on a similar advertising giveaway.


Who should use a Custom Fan for marketing

Casinos are fancy establishments where large sums of money go around 24/7. It is one productive place, to be real with you, because everyone enjoys the games while pulling in cash. Hence, to thank those million-dollar consumers for visiting your casino often, why not provide this very appropriate custom fan?   Which other clients do you think could use this item?


To get an early head start, therefore, contact The eecc eternal china gift factory  Group now.


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