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Branded Promotional Pens – Scribbling & Marketing


Branded Promotional Pens – Scribbling & Marketing


Branded Promotional Pens- simple, yet functional which is why Barclays, has incorporated them in their recent marketing campaign! They have pens with their brand logo printed on them, to go along with the leaflets that they give their customers.



Branded Promotional Pens

Branded Promotional Pens


Merchandisers put the branded promotional pens in a plastic container and beside it is a small counter pos display where customers can get leaflets. And the advert that serves as backdrop is truly informative.


We certainly love the use of branded pens as customer giveaway as people would definitely use them for filling out forms. Clients will definitely appreciate the fact that you put much thought in their customer service. And this could help improve their brand image.




So, why are Branded Promotional Pens effective?

In this section, we will look at the factors that make these promotional pens an effective marketing tool.


Brand Exposure: Promotional pens are a great way to promote your company due to the exposure that it can help bring your company. With your brand logo on the pen, the user will be able to keep your brand fresh in their minds, and your brand could even get spread among other family and friends who use the pens.

Versatility: Pens act as a great promotional tool as they are very versatile. This is because the pens can be used for in pack offers, on pack offers, or as a complimentary gift with purchase!

Cost: Using promotional pens as a promotional tools is also very effective, as it is very cost effective. With an affordable unit cost, and a standard MOQ of around 500 to 1,000, manufacturing your own promotional pens would certainly be affordable for your company. This means that your company will be able to easily meet any marketing budgets.

Indeed, Barclays’ promotional branded pens are effective whether in terms of helping improve their customer service or promoting their brand. Because clients can take these items home, the brand further makes their brand a part of their lives.


If you want to use promotional pens, remember that they can help to unlock the marketing potential that your company has, and spread your brand beyond what you have imagined!


Branded Promotional Pens

Branded Promotional Pens



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