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Custom Printed Coaster- The Perfect Design for Caffeine Crav

 Custom Printed Coaster- The Perfect Design for Caffeine Craving Consumers



This promotional idea by Clipper Tea will interest your customers as it is useful, creative and environmentally friendly. By printing their brand message on the custom coaster, they were able to convey to their customers what they stand for and how they are different from other brands. As such, we were inspired by this simple, yet effective coffee shop merchandise.




Clipper’s Custom printed Coaster design


Great for coffee shop marketing, coasters are versatile, customizable, brandable, and practical. Aside from using them in-store, coffee shops can set up a gift with purchase promotion with coasters as their customer giveaway.


Looking to create your own promotional coaster? We have a few simple suggestions below.


If you’re pushing for using organic and sustainable materials, then paper and cork are your best choice. Here is suggestion on producing and promoting your custom printed coaster!


Why you should use cork material!

Companies use cork as an alternative to leather, plastic and textiles due to its:



Fire retardant properties

Resistance to mould

thermal insulation

Water resistance

Eco-friendly properties


These features give your brand every reason to use cork material for your custom printed coasters.


Manufacturing processes

The cork is pressed into thin sheets before using any printing methods. This involves machines that laser cut and press the sheets to preferred sizes. Screen printing embeds the brand designs and logos on to the cork sheets. The image of the Clipper coaster design shows a detailed use of screen printing. eecc eternal china gift factory  can provide you with the same printing process which involves:


Using a woven mesh screen which is stretched tightly over a frame.

Then the graphic pattern is drafted and viewed on the screen.

After that a roller or squeegee is used to push the Ink through the woven mesh and onto open areas of a stencil. This produces a sharp-edged shape on the surface of the material.

Then buffing takes place to give the product a radiant finish

REMEMBER; the type of ink used, diameter of the threads and thread count of the mesh all effect the final image. So  plan your designs thoroughly!

Screen printing can produce prints at a much quicker rate than other methods- making it more efficient in terms of energy consumption.




Need some Promotional solutions for your custom printed coaster?

We suggests to use these nifty custom coasters are a gift-with-purchase for your next campaign. Drink brands use coasters in custom gift sets. For example:




In this blog above, Nescafe used coasters as custom branded merchandise to maximise their sales.






The blog above explores how Estrella and Corona both used coasters to promote their brands in bars (just like coffee and tea brands could do in cafes).


Custom printed coasters are the ultimate  giveaway for your brands drink campaign. Whether it’s for the coffee crazed customers who don’t want to stain their tables. Or the wine lovers who don’t love red stains. Or maybe the shoppers who just want some home decor… Custom printed coasters will have them covered!  eecc eternal china gift factory  Services can provide you with expert designers and manufacturers that will make your brands custom printed coaster ideas, a reality.


So place an inquiry with us today!


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