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10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards

 10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards


How can your Gym Membership Rewards attract non-gym users who rarely take a second glance at these rewards? What rewards would be enticing enough for non-gym members? Colorful Fitness Center has successfully captured the public’s attention, including non-gym members. Here’s how their promotional counter looks like.


10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards


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So what makes Colorful Fitness Center’s gym membership rewards for its 13th Anniversary Celebration so different from the rest?


10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards

10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards


3 Reasons why Colorful Fitness Center’s Promotional Program Caught People’s Eyes

1. Eye Catching Banner: Firstly, it has an eye-catching promotional banner design that can successfully captivate the audience. This is because of the vibrant color schemes used – mainly different shades of red and gold. Golden eggs which signify luck and wealth are also used to represent the various redemption rewards. The marketing display stand is also interactive as it has a QR code.


QR codes are a great way to provide lengthy information such as links, addresses, and texts. This way, the audience will not be turned off by the overwhelming information on the promotional banner. On top of that, it could be accessed easily. All users have to do is scan the code with their mobile phones.


10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards

10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards


Apart from that, the banner also lures people with the use of catchy phrases like “Smash golden eggs to be a lucky winner” strategically placed in the center of the banner. More importantly, the bottom of the banner depicts the various free promotional gifts offered.


10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards

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2. Secondly, it also has a unique redemption method: New members would be able to win different prizes when signing up for the membership program. There is nothing new or unique about that. However, what makes it unique is the fact that they have to use a mallet and break the ceramic eggs to win these prizes. This type of redemption method is more interactive from the usual ones. For example, after applying for a new fitness card, members would be able to smash the golden egg once if they spend 388 yuan. They could do so twice if they spend 3,100 yuan. On the other hand, if they apply for private lessons, they could smash the golden egg once if they spend 3,600 yuan and smash an additional three golden eggs if they spend a total of 14,400 yuan.


10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards

10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards


Finally, even non-gym users would be enticed with the marketing gifts offered. This is because the free promotional items on offer are useful daily necessities, such as household items. For example, some redemption rewards include a TV, kettle, and hairdryer. These gym membership rewards alone would be enough to convince people to join the membership programs.


10 Great Ideas for Gym Membership Rewards

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However, by offering free household products, the company risks attracting the “wrong crowd”. This refers to people who only joined the membership due to the free rewards and have no intention of being a member for the long haul. Alternatively, the gym could give away useful gym related products to grab the attention of those who are genuinely interested in joining a gym membership.




These are our top 10 ideas for gym membership rewards

Gym bags: For gym membership rewards, it is ideal to offer branded gym bags – especially to new members. This is because there is a high possibility of them not owning one. So, what can make a good gym bag great apart from having multi-compartmental designs and great aesthetics? One way to do so is by using the right materials. For example, the exterior of the bag could be scratch-resistant and water-resistant. This will increase the bag’s durability and longevity.

Color Changing Cooling Towel: As the name suggests, a cooling towel cools users’ bodies after an intense workout providing instant relief. Users could feel when the towel needs to be re-wet. However, a custom sports towel, such as the color-changing ones would be more effective as it gives them a visual reminder of the company when they should resoak the towel for optimum effect.

Sweatband Wristband: A great alternative for a promotional towel. It allows users to wipe sweat on their forehead with ease even during workout sessions. It is also more convenient to bring around as it stays in place on their wrists despite doing various exercises.

Custom Therapeutic Beads: New gym members are more likely to suffer from aches, pains, and inflammation after their workout sessions. They would definitely benefit from using custom therapeutic beads. This is because these beads provide them with soothing relief from such pains.

Battery-less Armband with LED light: As gym users listen to music while exercising, they need a place to store their music players such as iPods or mobile phones. Thus, fitness promo items such as armbands are useful products to offer to new members. The great thing about a customized armband is that users don’t have to worry about carrying their valuables from one station to another or leaving them unattended as their valuables are always secured on their arm. You could also add a LED light function that does not require batteries to operate. This makes your armband stand out due to its uniqueness.

Quality wireless earphones: It is common to find gym users listening to their songs when exercising. Doing so provides them with many benefits such as distracting themselves from the physical exertions. This enables them to work out longer. Offering unique promotional products like quality wireless earphones would be a more attractive selling point than regular earphones. This is because it provides a more pleasant gym experience as the earphones would not snag on things or rub on one’s necks. To take it up a notch, you can also offer custom earphones such as sweat-proof wireless earphones.

Filtered Water Bottles: Members would have to hydrate themselves at any point during a gym session. Giving away custom Water Bottles reduces the need to make multiple trips to and from the water fountain. Furthermore, members who are wary of contaminated water would appreciate the bottle as a reward.

Fitness Watch: In terms of motivation to exercise, nothing beats promotional watches with fitness trackers. It tracks overall health, measures the resting heart rate and the total number of steps. These statistics help one to see how effective their exercise regimens are and how to improve them if they are ineffective.

Sports Socks: As socks make a tremendous difference to a gym session, custom promotional socks or more specifically gym socks is one of our top 10 gym membership rewards. It is important to use the right type socks when exercising to avoid blisters. You could offer socks that are made from breathable materials and suitable to various types of exercise for maximum impact.

Microfiber Bags: It is uncommon to find gym users storing their sweaty clothes in a plastic bag or directly in their gym bag. Thus, providing them with a microfiber bag is more environmentally friendly as they can reuse the bag for subsequent gym sessions. All they need to do is wash it with mild detergent, and it’d be as good as new! This is a useful reward as it provides gym members with an eco-friendly and and more sanitary alternative to the usual laundry bag. Who says you can’t offer a custom branded bag to store sweaty gym clothes?



In a Nutshell,

A gym offering household products is certain to gain the public’s attention. However, to weed out people who have no real interest in joining your gym and focus on those who are really interested, your gym membership rewards should include gym merchandise. Listed above are our top 10 ideas for gym rewards. However, don’t forget to customize these products with your brand name, logo or colors to create brand awareness and increase your visibility.


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