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Promotional Desktop Items: The Perfect Gift For Customers An


Promotional Desktop Items: The Perfect Gift For Customers And Employees



We all know that people love to decorate their workspaces with items such as living plants and quirky stationery. So why not hop onto this trend by giving them novel items and promo gifts they will adore? Delight your customers or employees by giving them a mouse promotional desktop item with a twist!



Innovative Design

This unique idea flips the traditional mouse design on its head… literally! The compact shape of this mouse helps the user to browse the internet with their fingertips. Therefore, by gifting these handy devices to your customers, the usual process of surfing the web will become effortless. Additionally, if these are presented to your employees as unique corporate gifts, the reduction in movement needed to navigate will speed up the tasks they are doing in the office.

Promotional Desktop Items

Promotional Desktop Items – 2621


Promotional Desktop Items

Promotional Desktop Items – 2621


Brand Remembrance

Creating a desktop mouse with a fun design is a great way to attract customers. Therefore, this car themed mouse idea is a great way to drive your brand image into their minds. The shift between the standard mouse to these awesome devices will put brand remembrance into overdrive. Additionally, the design of the cute animals and strawberry mouse are very appealing to customers who are young at heart. The bright colours and shapes bring back childhood memories which will spark curiosity in your customers and make it impossible for them to resist investigating the product! Therefore, customers will associate the delight they feel when seeing these unique devices with your company when they are pretending to recreate Formula 1 or imagining an ocean adventure with their new pets from the comfort of their own desk.

Promotional Desktop Items

Promotional Desktop Items – 2618


Promotional Desktop Items

Promotional Desktop Items – 2617




Ergonomic Design

The design of this vertical desktop mouse makes it more comfortable for its users to hold. The mouse fits snugly into the natural contour of your hand to provides support while it’s being used. Additionally, by turning the hand on its side, users won’t only pivot the mouse from their wrist, they’ll have to engage full arm movement. Therefore, the risk of developing conditions such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is significantly reduced. As a result, your customers will be delighted by your futuristic mouse which looks great and also reduces the risk of health problems.

Promotional Desktop Items

Promotional Desktop Items – 2619




Easy To Use

The design of this Bluetooth Finger Mouse will make your customers feel like they’ve been transported to the year 3000! This compact device attaches to your finger meaning that the mouse is always at hand. In addition, less desk space is taken up by a hefty wired mouse. As a result, your customers will thank you for allowing them to effortlessly scroll through their social media like never before.

Promotional Desktop Items


Promotional Desktop Items – 2620


In Conclusion

There is a large range of unique promotional desktop items available to delight your customers or employees with. The design of these computer peripherals makes them an ideal unique gift with purchase or unique promotional giveaway product. Additionally, when customers’ friends and family ask where they received such a novel gift from, they’ll direct them to your company. So next time you are looking for ideas to take your customers’ breath away, consider these as your first option!


You could also consider adding a promotional mouse pad carpet to your giveaway to provide your customer’s with some extra comfort while they’re surfing the web!




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Promotional Desktop Items

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