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Custom Cooling Towels: Keep Customers Cold and Sales Hot

 Custom Cooling Towels: Keep Customers Cold and Sales Hot



If you want a branded promotional product to be effective, it is important to ensure it has some form of novelty, uniqueness, or individuality. You need something that people are going to remember, that they’ll want to tell their friends about. There are a whole host of ways to ensure your product meets these needs. From customising a favourite promo gift, to choosing one people aren’t likely to have seen before. We think this next product is something that will certainly set you apart. It’s a custom cooling towel, a towel that is specifically designed to hold water in order to keep you cool in the hot weather. Read here why it works great for sports promotions specifically.




Custom Cooling Towels


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How Does A Custom Cooling Towel Work?

Custom cooling towels are similar to regular towels, but hold water for longer and keep the water colder. They have been used by the likes of Serena Williams to stay cool during tennis matches. Often made from thick PVC or similar materials they are a great way to keep your body temperature down. In order to use them, they must first be soaked in cold water. Then users should shake or ‘snap’ the towel in order to activate it’s cooling properties.


Why Would A Custom Cooling Towel Make A Great Promotional Product?

They’re Fashionable: People have seen Serena Williams, Sergio Garcia and David Wright among others using these products. If people see professional sports people using a product, they are likely to seek one out themselves. Having a promotional product on offer that people already have a demand for is extremely effective.


They’re Useful: Giving away a promotional product that people aren’t likely to use is pointless. They will simply leave it in a cupboard at home or even throw it away. This means you will get none of the brand exposure or increased brand reputation that you deserve. Ensuring the product is something people will want to interact and engage with will protect these benefits for you.


They’re Unusual: Custom cooling towels are not an everyday item such as a pen or a hat. People may not have seen a cooling towel before and will be intrigued by it, meaning they will want to share it with family and friends. Going for a promotional product that is a bit different is also great for brand reputation! We think they’d make a perfect gift with purchase.


They’re Easy To Brand: Custom cooling towels provide a large surface for you to create a design people will remember. You can have the towel look however you like and make it as eye-catching as you desire. The better the design, the greater the impact it will have on brand recall.


Custom Cooling Towels

Custom Cooling Towels (Product No. 2500)


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