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On-Pack Giveaway – How To Make Your Brand’s Promotion Stand


On-Pack Giveaway – How To Make Your Brand’s Promotion Stand Out!


Ever considered offering a gift to customers through an on-pack giveaway to boost your brand’s popularity? On-pack giveaways might be common, but that’s just due to their effectiveness! In this case study, we will show you how a Gift with Purchase can be really eye-catching, using examples we found at Vietnamese stores.



On-Pack Giveaway - how to implement effectively

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In order to succeed, you have to stand out!

You need the packaging and the gift to work together, complementing each other. Usually, this means offering a gift that fits the existing packaging such it does not obscure the brand’s message.  If this is not the case, you need to invest in custom packaging. Good marketing planning is crucial for promotions to be successful.


We have some suggestions to improve this marketing campaign in Vietnam:


On the image above, we can identify a mistake: the gift doesn’t stand out that much from other products. Customers love it when they are offered gifts, as it gives them a strong reason to buy the product. Brands can make the most of this type of marketing by combining the gift with the product through a custom package. Therefore, the promotion will create a much more exclusive feel for the customer, becoming more effective.


On-Pack Giveaway - how to implement effectively

eecc eternal china gift factory



To add on, promotions are a very strong presence in Vietnamese supermarkets. Therefore, eye-catching campaigns are imperative to all brands that want to distinguish themselves.


Consumer oriented gifts are crucial

Giving the customer a choice is a very good attribute to any marketing campaign. Not everyone might like the design, color, or shape of a free gift. This problem can be solved by including multiple free gifts that differ in design, color or shape, so as to give customers a conscious choice of which free gift they wish to get. That way, you are able to please a larger array of costumers. It is important however, that a certain pattern is maintained, preferably according to the company’s brand and image to ensure to certain standard of uniformity.


On-Pack Giveaway - how to implement effectively

eecc eternal china gift factory



On Pack Giveaway: Why Use It?

In a big commercial area (like a supermarket), your product can easily pass unnoticed. Brand visibility and sales are boosted when a gift is strategically placed. Also, it is important that the gift has some re-usability, so that other potential customers may feel attracted to the brand

A well developed gift normally comes along with big branding, which is crucial for the brand to be able to expand and reach out to new customers

Customers feel special for being valued with a custom gift. Thus, it’s good to give them possibility of choice rather than a single mass produced promotional gift.

Distinguishing your product and making it noticeable are some of the most important aspects to a successful on-pack giveaway promotion.

Find out how to use On Pack Giveaways effectively

Having our office established in China and with both Western and Chinese staff, we are able to offer our customers efficient and customized service at a phone call away. Additionally, we guarantee that the quality is according to expected, and we take care of the entire shipping process.


At eecc eternal china gift factory , we believe that good marketing strategies are crucial for any business to thrive. With an experienced background in the area of promotional products, our staff along with our in-house design team, we provide innovative solutions for our customers. We’d be more than happy to brainstorm ideas for your next marketing campaign. Feel free to contact us!

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