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On-Pack Custom Drinkware – 7 Ways to Boost Your Liquor Marke

 On-Pack Custom Drinkware – 7 Ways to Boost Your Liquor Marketing


Branded drinking glasses are a common on-pack gifts in the drinks industry. They are versatile, flexible, and practical. Because drinking glasses are something people like to share, they ensure increased brand exposure. This is why many companies are using custom drinking glasses to promote their products. Let us take a look at Clan MacGregor’s free custom drinkware.


So what makes their free on-pack shot glass stand out?


Custom Drinkware

Custom Drinkware




Why We Love Clan MacGregor’s Custom Drinkware


The custom drinkware can be used together with the whisky and other liquor products. Therefore, the on-pack promo gift encourages customers to have a taste of their whisky right away.


2. Long-Lasting

Even after the product has been consumed, the shot glasses can be used for longer. This serves as a tangible token from the company. Furthermore, its perceived value increases the more customers use the products.


3. Great Way to Deliver Marketing Message

Branded drinking glasses are a great way to convey your marketing message to a diverse group of people. This example of Clan MacGregpr may not be branded, but its practical value helps drive brand message effectively.


4. Drives Impulse Purchases

By offering a free on-pack item, Clan MacGregor is encouraging customers to buy the product on the spot. This is because the gifts provide more value for their money. As such, the on-pack gift serves as the primary driving force for customers.


Custom Drinkware


Custom Drinkware




5. Cost-Effective

Drinking cups, mugs and glasses are an inexpensive way to stand out on shelves. They offer long-term marketing and advertising benefits, making them a worthwhile investment at a very affordable price. When it comes to manufacturing promotional products, you want them to be cost-efficient yet functional and beautiful.


6. Great for Everyday Use

Alcoholic drinks are better shared with friends. As such, drinking a glass of Clan MacGregor after a tiring day at work not only strengthens the bond between friends, but they also ensure maximum brand exposure.


7. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Glass is an excellent material to work with. They are hygienic and easy to clean. This means no unwanted residue will stick to the surface.




What Can Be Improved?

There are many elements that factor into creating the best promotional drinkware for liquor marketing. To ensure success, here are factors to consider when advertising with custom drinkware


Branding : Clan MacGregor’s custom drinkware is certainly a great addition to anyone’s home bar as they are simple yet classy. They suit any occasion. However, if you really want to double your exposure, do consider customizing them with your brand name or logo. The more the drinking glasses are shared, the more you gain unlimited brand exposure.

Additional Functionality : Make your products even more attractive by having additional functionality. Take a look at this example. Below you can see a drinking glass chess set. This is also a great drinking game idea during parties and events.



Customization – When it comes to promotional drinking glasses, appearance is really important. Creating visually appealing designs will prompt customers to buy and collect them.



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