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Nescafe Stays on Top of the Game with GWP Coffee Tumbler wit


Nescafe Stays on Top of the Game with GWP Coffee Tumbler with Logo


Nescafé is a brand that has managed to stay ahead of the game with its different promotions and this GWP coffee tumbler with logo isn’t any different.


In this promotion, Nescafe is offering a free gift with purchase with every pack of the product that you buy.


The free gift with purchase is a coffee tumbler either red or black and for every box of 20 packets, you have 2 free ones.



They have 2 flavours: white coffee and Vietnamese Coffee



coffee tumbler with logo


Why do we love this coffee tumbler with logo idea?

There are many reasons why this promotion idea is genius but we’ll share some of them with you.



Coffee tumblers are as practical as it gets for lovers of coffee (who are the target audience of this coffee marketing) A coffee tumbler with logo is like a branded, portable mug that you can carry anywhere with you and still have your coffee hot, intact and in a stylish container. It is something that will appeal to the senses of any regular tea or coffee drinker. Even if they already own one, you can never have too many coffee tumblers and so they will still try as much as they can to get their hands on it. The beauty of a practical free gift is that since it is something your customer wants, they will actively partake in the promotion. It is like bait to a fish, it has to be something they want.



Offering 2 free tumblers for every box of 20 packets is a great incentive to make your consumers go the extra mile. It also simultaneously gives them an option where they can get two at once or opt for one or even both. This is guaranteed to increase impulse buys as not only is this fantastic, it is stated clearly on the box in a way that is obvious to any passerby. This free gift incentive almost always works wonders. The branding is also commendable. Having a coffee tumbler with logo included in your promotion is bound to always bring their mind to your brand when they see the product.



coffee tumbler with logo



The coffee tumblers come in either red or black and what this does is it gives the audience options. This works in two ways. The customer can pick their preference and they might even decide to get two just to have both and benefit from the variety. Either way, your brand gains. We think it’s fantastic how there’s more than one colour option for the tumblers.



The coffee comes in two categories – white Coffee and Vietnamese coffee. This is excellent because it caters to both audience categories. It is an amazing marketing strategy to include the preferences of the potential customers with regard to their immediate environment. This way, just like with the variety option, people feel included and seen. This in turn influences their purchase decisions.



coffee tumbler with logo


Benefits of a coffee tumbler with logo to your brand

Boosts sales: An on-pack free gift promotion like this gives the customers the opportunity of getting two at the value of one. So people are more likely to purchase more than they would normally do because of the promise of added value.

Repeat customers: Asides from reeling in new customers, this promotion opens the door for return customers. Either they come back to buy more because of the promotion or they try your product. Or they become hooked and keep buying it long after the promotion is over. They are also more likely to refer their friends and family as well which benefits your brand in the long run.

Indirect advertisement: The fact that these coffee tumblers are branded means that they’ll showcase your brand wherever they are seen. Your brand name and value immediately registers in their mind and because this is something people can easily carry around, it will reach a lot of places. This automatically improves your reach and increases your brand awareness.

Other interesting GWP promotions by Nescafe

Custom Printed coffee mugs: These custom mugs were uniquely designed with catchy phrases and images to properly capture the customer’s attention. These mugs came with a 300g jar of Nescafe Original and a Nescafe 3in1 Original.




On pack custom coffee mugs: Another mug design by Nescafe was this awesome on-pack promotion. It came with purchase of their cappuccino original coffee. This mug works because it is made from thick glass and is perfect for a cappuccino




Custom Insulated mug: This mug was a free gift with purchase that came with each pack of the Nescafe Gold Blend. It has a sleek 2-layer design that creates a dramatic optical illusion and prevents condensation.




Promotional Branded Mugs: This gift set promotion included two promotional branded mugs and three Nescafe Gold. This is excellent for gifting a friend, client, employees, or even family that absolutely loves coffee.




Branded Coffee Tumbler: This stylish branded Coffee tumbler came with the packet of the Nescafe Gold Barista. The personalized inscription makes it more catchy and appealing, in a way that draws you who is looking from outside the pack.




To sum up,

Nescafe has always stayed ahead of the game with these fantastic promotions and this has in turn ensured customer loyalty. If there is anything we have seen with all Nescafe promotions, it is in the relevance of each promo to the defined target audience. Each pack comes with something different that serves that particular audience. This coffee tumbler with logo is perfect proof of that fact.


Having your audience in mind when creating a promotion or marketing strategy always results in advertising that caters to them. This is always the best kind – the kind where your audience feels seen and acknowledged.




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