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5 Reasons Promotional Stuff Toys Make Powerful Marketing Gif


5 Reasons Promotional Stuff Toys Make Powerful Marketing Gifts


Stuff toys make effective brand promotional products because of its ability to be customised for just about any industry. Promotional stuff toys appeal to customers of all ages, making them timeless marketing gifts.



This marketing strategy is truly effective and not to mention adorable. Promotional stuff toys serve as the face of your brand. This promotional merchandise can enhance brand engagement and recognition in that kids will play, collect, and display them at home. Promotional stuff toys are more than just gifts that put smiles on children’s faces as they also serve as an effective advertising medium for your brand.


Below, are some cute promotional stuff toys you might want to add in your next branding campaign. Check them out!




Promotional Stuff Toy Ideas

Plush Cuff Bracelet

promotional stuff toys - cuff bracelet

promotional stuff toys – plush cuff bracelet


How adorable is this combination of a stuffed toy and a bracelet? This promotional stuff toy idea is definitely something kids will pester their parents for. Customise whatever animal or character to turn your standard plush toy into one that can be carried around sitting on your arm.


promotional stuff toys - plush cuff bracelet

promotional stuff toys – plush cuff bracelet




Reversible Plush Toys

promotional stuff toys - reversible plush toy

promotional stuff toys – reversible plush toy


This idea of a reversible plush toy makes it a great two-in-one promotional product. Customise not one but two different designs to engage your customers and bring smiles to their faces.


promotional stuff toys - reversible plush toy

promotional stuff toys – reversible plush toy


What can be improved?

We feel that with this innovative and interactive idea there are some improvements to be made to the product in terms of design. Good news is the idea can stay exactly the same with the design customised to your brand needs and liking. eecc eternal china gift factory  suggests you use your brand’s colours or incorporate your logo or brand mascot into the design of the reversible stuff toy. This will then become a promotional product that will boost brand recognition and awareness with your customers.




Why I should invest in promotional stuff toys?

promotional stuff toys - cuff bracelet


promotional stuff toys – cuff bracelet


Brand Message

Custom promotional plush toys are an amazing way to get your brand into your customer’s hands. Because they are customisable, it is a unique way to incorporate your brand image into your branded promotional gifts. Stuff toys are also great seasonal products perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. As such, they are promotional gifts that allow you to uniquely convey your brand message to your customers no matter the occasion.




Connect with Customers

Stuff toys will appeal not only to parents and kids but also to kids at heart. Marketing is taken to another level when your brand is able to build an emotional connection with customers. And promotional stuff toys did just that! They are not only cute faces to look at but they also make a strong visual impact on your customers. Moreover, adorable promotional gifts easily grab attention when displayed on shelves. Therefore, adding stuff toys as a part of an on-pack promotion or marketing giveaway can boost the perceived value your product and brand.




Brand Remembrance

Another thing we love about promotional stuff toys is that they allow for increased brand remembrance. They extend brand visibility outside of stores. A distinctly designed plush toy makes your brand easy to recognise, making your brand stand out from competitors.





promotional stuff toys - cuff bracelet


When designing your promotional stuff toys, there are many design options to choose from: a unicorn, bear, piglet and even a raccoon. These stuff toys can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors- the design possibilities are endless! For the ideal promotional gift, we recommend customising it to your brand mascot and/or brand colours. This way customers holding on to your promotional stuff toy will be reminded of the brand every time they see it.




Boosting Sales

Last but not least, this marketing strategy is widely used because offering them for free will surely give customers more reasons to support you. The toys act as incentives and will become a long-lasting remembrance of the brand.




We can help you design your next promotional stuff toy

Here, at eecc eternal china gift factory , we strive hard to give you the best promotional products for your business. We visit factory floors to make sure that your merchandise are made to your requirements. There are a lot of procedures involved in producing plush toys that is why it is important to get in touch with your plush toy manufacturer preferably months before your launch date.


If you like these color-in customized plush toys, then get in touch with our team. The product code is 2725.



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